What are Pile Cap Modules?

May 17th, 2017

Pile cap modules are the specially fabricated upper base segments that are mounted as part of a helical piling system. They’re the above ground and just below ground interfaces that mate the helical screw rod to a specific structure or load. Manufactured in-house, modular cap solutions are built to fasten directly to the exposed piling headers so that the project isn’t bogged down by ground-based connectivity issues.

A Brief Look at Pile Cap Modules 

It’s the quick but assured construction aspect that makes this construction method stand out from the rest. The helical pilings anchor in the ground without so much as an exploratory trench. There’s no excavation work required when these foundation rods screw deep into the soil, no poured concrete, and no expensive tooling. It’s only logical, then, to add a similar construction expediency methodology to the above ground labours, which is where the piling cap modules enter the scenario. They can be made of concrete, all the better to really establish a stable foundation, but only precast blocks, not the wet stuff. Here are a few more examples that will bolster this module-centric approach.

Building Foundation Interfaces 

A typical work scenario sees a small excavator rotating the sectional shafts. They’re fitted with several welded plates, and these plates are angled. The shafts go into the ground as an array, a subsurface framework that emulates the foundations of a structure in every conceivable way. Now it’s time to build an interface that bridges the gap between this subsurface frame and the application. Built as proprietary supports, as underpinning attachments and precast concrete assemblies, the modular caps couple the shafts securely to the grounded structure. Of course, simpler module elements also endure as key support anchors. These are the pilings that lock to steel cable lines and support massive lattice frames, as used in the electrical distribution industry. Incidentally, a pile cap module is probably supporting that steel lattice, again as a precast block of concrete.

If the helical piling system is the key loading component, the sectional shafts that drive their way into the soil, then the pile cap modules are their upper structure-interacting fittings. They couple securely to the piling headers, present a custom-built fastening mechanism, and bridge the divide that exists between an application and that piling array. At the end of the day, though, they’re the precast concrete and premade attachments that safely accelerate the helical pilings relationship, that essential mechanical rapport that must be established between the subsurface shafts and the underpinnings of a structure.

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